Monday, January 25, 2010

Giveaway of the Day - Platinum Guard 4.0.0 is giving away this windows cleaning and tweaking type software named Platinum Guard 4.0.0. According to the site "Platinum Guard helps you to remove any unnecessary files from your computer, allowing Windows to perform faster, while freeing up some valuable hard disk space, which otherwise would have been lost.
Apart from that Platinum Guard is also an excellent utility to protect your privacy."

Though we do have popular cleaners such as Tuneup Utility, ASC and Ccleaner out there, this is being given off as free as part of special promotion. Try this out it might turn out to be better. Who knows !!

We have added the Giveawayoftheday ticker on the right side. It will keep updated about the daily offering by that site so we won't be publishing it everyday. If there's something really good or helpful , then we might chip in a post about it.

You can download today's give away at

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