Saturday, August 29, 2009

One of the 1st DFI LanParty mobo here in mumbai !! gg!!

Yea, you heard it right !!
[One of the] 1st DFI Lanparty series mobos to be received by an customer in India is here in Thane. More specifically its an DFI x58 DK mobo . You can see the picture below

It belongs to my pal Amey Katkar aka X3roCool , one of the best AOE gamers I've ever seen.He got the entire system parts yesterday after almost a 8 weeks wait since most of the products had to be shipped directly from abroad . Its an awesome pack and looks power packed...will post some reviews in a few days..
will post some pics as soon as possible. Some are on my cam n some on his. Will collect all and then post them for all to see :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sry for not posting guys !!

M not having an internet connection at present as I've left for college now..Have applied for a broadband connection there. Will start posting as soon as the net is up.

Ive actually got some kewl ideas to be posted here but waiting for my new connection to be set up so that I can start blogging regularly again :)

see ya soon friends !!