Thursday, November 18, 2010

Play Mafia Wars Atlantic City from PC

Mafia Wars Atlantic City which was launched for mobile play can now be played through your pc too. Atlantic City is costlier in terms of stamina and energy needed to play there but the advantages are many. You will get free boosts everyday(I got +200 energy on my 1st visit) plus the rewards are very cool ones.

Do give Atlantic City a visit. Now it can be played from your computer (pc) too. Use the following link to visit Mafia Wars Atlantic City page from your computer :

Many people are complaining about Boardwalk (ie level 2) is not getting unlocked even though Uptown (level 1) has been mastered.

The thing is that Atlantic City implementation though computer is very buggy. Many people are unable to unlock successor levels, or they are not getting the completion rewards. For me it works just fine. Click on the image below and check out. I was on Boardwalk, I completed the bronze master and unlocked the next level. So it is working fine for me.

On doing a bit of research online and consulting my Mafia friends, I understand that its looks like a glitch from Zynga which is creating all such problems. The web interface for the above mentioned link was different and was later changed to what it is now. This new interface causes the unlocking problem for some. Not all players are facing this problem it seems.

We cannot do much about it. But try the following in case they work for you. No guarantees here friends.
1. Many players have reported that the link is working perfectly on Google Chrome browser. So if you are on Firefox, Opera or any other browser, just give Chrome a try. 

2. I found this online, contributed by a Mafia Wars player. Just try it and see if it works.

Found a workaround for the locked into uptown problem... Right click on the first job and copy link, paste it in your url address box and change the job number to 2001 and story to 10 like "" - your info that follows, the tracking id and such shouldn't be changed. The problem is they're sending you to storyId=9 and job=2019 to 2024 - which should be later in the mobile chapter... My guess is someone screwed up when they fooled around with the next chapters.
When you do this, you'll have to complete a different set of jobs for uptown and you'll have to do it every time you log into mobile until you can get to boardwalk then go back to uptown.
3. Go to this site :
   Type : in the address bar of the iPhone you see on screen.

These methods are not guaranteed to work for everyone. One could try and see his luck.

I would be grateful if people using the above techniques report here whether it worked with them.
Also, kindly report if is working normally for you guys.


Anonymous said...

Now I started to play Atlantic City. Since the link can only play the first episode and the rest are locked me .. Any ideas?

optimystix said...

the link takes you to the Atlantic City page from your computer which otherwise is accessible only through mobile phone.

once you complete the 1st chapter that is 'Uptown', 'Boardwalk' will get unlocked and so on. So you need to finish one set completely before the next gets unlocked.

doest it solve your query ?

Anonymous said...

no, no, only chapter 1 will be open for pc browsers, to get into chpt 2 and the others you must play in a phone :S its just a "preview" so you see the rewards and wish to play the rest.

Emma said...

No that doesn't help. I play on my iPhone and have the ruby level and it is still locked. I have even reloaded the link and it hasn't opened.

optimystix said...

It should definitely work properly if you are playing on the phone. That's what I said, the site has a glitch which is creating these problems.

I have updated the post, check out if those methods work with you.

And kindly report back whether it worked or not.

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