Monday, November 8, 2010

Breaking News - Michael Jackson's New Song

Michael Jackson's new album entitled 'Michael'
Sony has released a never before heard song from none other than the late Michael Jackson. This song is entitled as 'Breaking News' and is included in the official album due release next month. Sony has released this full song as a teaser to the album.

The album itself is shrouded in controversy as some members of Michael Jackson's family and close friends are claiming that the sound is not that of Michael Jackson's. But Sony claims that a lot many experts and artists have confirmed that the song is indeed authentic and that the vocals are indeed Michael Jackson's.

If you are a Michael Jackson fan you will surely like the song. The song is essentially a good one with beats and chorus that will get you hooked. The song somewhat reminds of  his 'Tabloid Junkie' from his History album as it has a similar overtone. The song has Jackson trademarks throughout the song but in these days of the digital world, it is possible to easily digitally modify any music.

What ever is the case, Breaking News will surely turn out to become a hit with the fans. Listen to the song and decide for yourself. The song will be on air on the official website for only a week. So hear it till you have a chance. I have already heard it over a dozen times!

Listen to the song at

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