Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Autorun problem !!

Well, this is a very common problem with many people. School or college students who share their pendrives or external storage media on public computers tend to gather a lot of viruses/worms from these machines. On using these pendrives or external storage media on their personal computers, they risk infecting them with these infections.

These days most of the viruses and other infections spread through a feature called 'autorun' present on the windows platforms that Microsoft has originally put for user's convenience.
This autorun thing works by putting a small file called autorun.inf onto the external media which can be configured to autostart a particular program as soon as the media is inserted into the computer.

Now, though this was meant to be an advantageous feature for windows users, virus makers have used this effectivelty to spread their warez by making their affected warez autorun and start executing as soon as one connects the device, sometimes without even the knowledge of the user.

So, ill tell you some of the best and shortest methods to stop this risky feature to run automatically :
1) Simplest thing would be to keep SHIFT key pressed when inserting the external media and until the media has been detected[can be checked by looking on My Computer window whether a new drive for the media has been connected].

2) For lazybones or people who keep forgetting to do the above procedure[like me :P], u can download the registry file given at the end of this post, double click it on select ok.

There are several third party softwares doing this work too but one should try and avoid them since faster options are available as mentioned above. In case people still need to know about them, I shall mention them in a later post.

Have a virus free world :)

Download the registry file by clicking the links below:
link 1

Monday, July 27, 2009

Here's a phunny joke!!

Well... any person with a lil computer knowledge[n actually even without that] can deciper this :)

This snap was taken from a thread in a forum called The Something Awful Forums
Just check out this pic below and have a good laugh :D

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Build a good pc for mere 25-30k !!

Hello friends :)

Back again. Though am writing after 2-3 days as I had become lil busy with the planning and purchase of a new computer that my classmate wanted to buy.

Starting off, he said he wont be gaming in a hardcore manner. Just a lil bit gaming here n there. He's more of a 'Dota' n 'Fifa' fan than any other game n those do not require much powerful rigs.As his budget was strictly around rs 28k so i had to plan it out well.

Having assembled computers for my friends earlier too, my position was different this time around. Earlier the pcs to be assembled, were to be as cheap as possible with a good workable platform.Those were not for much gaming but for casual use. So all I did was go to the shop [@Lamington,Mumbai], tell him the budget, n then decide on few aspects, that's it.[I bought those 2 pcs for 17k n 21k respectively :)]

This one made me think a lot. A 25-30 k budget meant I could do a lot more in terms of packing it with more power and at the same time making it more appealing. I finally made the choice n with last minutes modifications, in consultation with the shop keeper, made the following buy :
1. Phenom II X2 550 click here for details
2. Gigabyte ultra durable 3 motherboard ~ above 2 items combo cost us around rs 13k
click here for details
3. 1x2gb 667 MHz Kingston Ram ~ rs 1200
4. Zebronics full atx cabinet ~ rs 1900
5. Seagate barracuda 7200.12 500gb ~ rs 2600
6. AOC 20" LCD for ~8k click here for details
total = approx rs 26,700

* He planned for Ati HD 4670 with 512 mb ddr3 gfx memory but didn't buy that as our budget was overshooting. The current motherboard has internal gfx memory of 512mb ddr2 which shall be enough for games like dota. Will consider getting this card later.
* Presently the ram has been kept at 2 gb. He currently uses Win Xp which supports 3gb only so no point in going for 4 gb right now. Will upgrade to 4 gb if he plans to shift to Win 7 but only after the stable version is out.
* The zebronics cabinet comes with a bundled 550 watts psu n I think it will suffice for normal operations. He is not into much gaming so no need for branded ones.
* Would be using old creative 2.1 speakers , mouse n keyboard.

Click on the pics for a bigger size

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

This guy stays in Mulund, Mumbai. I went to his house catching a taxi from Lamington, set his pc there n then returned. I got relieved from a big responsibility finally..
From the trial run it seemed quite a good piece of assembly :) Only more usage n time will tell how it ultimately is.

After leaving his apartment, I went to another friend's place to see a part of his new pc tat had arrived that very day. Its being assembled bit by bit, as and when the parts are arriving.It's gonna be a pure MONSTER, trust me :P
Ill post details about it along with pictures but you gotta wait a lil ;)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My first post !!

....for all u guys who don't know me...am Rishabh Ghosh a student pursuing IT. I am a geek though not the ones u'll usually find out there.My love for computers and technology in general has made me create this blog through which I intend to share my knowledge with people wanting to learn.Its modus operandi is to create a knowledge sharing platform.Of course I've learned all these from others in turn and due credit will be given to them whenever i quote their articles directly or even partially though my intention is to keep the articles as original as possible.

For why i chose "babbleona" as the name !!! well....while coming up with a name, me and my friends couldn't get any appropriate one as most names had been taken up on this free blog site. So came with babbleona which doesn't actually mean anything but if required can be suited to mean a site for useless[though not completely] babbles :)

For most people am an extreme introvert but I do tend to chill out with people i know well.Ive got no such inhibitions over the net as I am relatively safer here sitting at home on my pc :)

Ill keep posting articles as regularly as possible.Am tending to get real busy these days so mite not be too regular..keep checking atleast biweekly for updates[for now].

Thanks for having the patience to read all these babbles n come back again ;)