Thursday, July 23, 2009

My first post !!

....for all u guys who don't know Rishabh Ghosh a student pursuing IT. I am a geek though not the ones u'll usually find out there.My love for computers and technology in general has made me create this blog through which I intend to share my knowledge with people wanting to learn.Its modus operandi is to create a knowledge sharing platform.Of course I've learned all these from others in turn and due credit will be given to them whenever i quote their articles directly or even partially though my intention is to keep the articles as original as possible.

For why i chose "babbleona" as the name !!! well....while coming up with a name, me and my friends couldn't get any appropriate one as most names had been taken up on this free blog site. So came with babbleona which doesn't actually mean anything but if required can be suited to mean a site for useless[though not completely] babbles :)

For most people am an extreme introvert but I do tend to chill out with people i know well.Ive got no such inhibitions over the net as I am relatively safer here sitting at home on my pc :)

Ill keep posting articles as regularly as possible.Am tending to get real busy these days so mite not be too regular..keep checking atleast biweekly for updates[for now].

Thanks for having the patience to read all these babbles n come back again ;)

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