Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Computer Virus Leads to $20 Million Scam Targeting Pianist Composer

A noted pianist and a composer in The United States has been duped over the years to a tune of $ 20 million by a computer technician citing virus problem! The musician had approached a New York based computer technician named Vickram Bedi and his girlfriend Helga Invarsdottir to get his laptop problem solved which he guess might have been caused due to virus. The technician duo manipulated the gullible musician citing some devious group being behind them and The U.S. Government.

The ridiculous thing is that the musician bought their stupid idea and allowed them to leech him for exorbitant amounts, which are now being touted to be anywhere between $ 6-20 million.

The culprits have been caught while they were preparing to leave on a trip to Iceland. If convicted (which they most probably will be), they will each get a jail term of 25 years!

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