Saturday, August 29, 2009

One of the 1st DFI LanParty mobo here in mumbai !! gg!!

Yea, you heard it right !!
[One of the] 1st DFI Lanparty series mobos to be received by an customer in India is here in Thane. More specifically its an DFI x58 DK mobo . You can see the picture below

It belongs to my pal Amey Katkar aka X3roCool , one of the best AOE gamers I've ever seen.He got the entire system parts yesterday after almost a 8 weeks wait since most of the products had to be shipped directly from abroad . Its an awesome pack and looks power packed...will post some reviews in a few days..
will post some pics as soon as possible. Some are on my cam n some on his. Will collect all and then post them for all to see :)

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