Friday, February 11, 2011

Webcam detected but not working/ getting a black screen on MSI Notebook

Do you have a problem with the webcam in your MSI notebook ? Is it giving blank screens or an error message such as 'cant connect your webcam. The webcam may already be in use' or maybe- 'webcam not found.' There exists a variation of problems that a non functioning webcam can cause. So if there is such a problem in your MSI laptop then kindly read the below mentioned points.

Note: this problem has been known to occur on notebooks by some other brands too but the resolutions in most cases are brand/model  specific (depending on the hardware they use) so the ones mentioned here may not work for notebooks of brands other than MSI.

Problem 1webcam (Bison webcam module) does not work.
You need to TURN ON the webcam which probably is turned off.

Depending on your notebook, there is either a keypress combination (eg Fn Key + F6 on Wind U100) or there is a dedicated button which will do this.

Just try using Fn + F6 combination to turn on your webcam. Once pressed, you should see a webcam on symbol on the right hand corner of your desktop screen.

If the key combo doesn't work on your model of notebook then refer to the user manual provided with your notebook for how to turn on the webcam. If you have lost or discarded your manual, you can download it from the MSI website.

Problem 2: webcam detected by Windows but doesn't work. Gives an error 'webcam already in use by another application', 'webcam not detected' when you try to open the webcam through the default webcam application or through software such as Skype or Yahoo messenger or it just gives you a black screen.

Cause: software issue with the command 'clear'

The problem is with the firmware of the webcam and can be resolved by updating/flashing it with the latest firmware for the same.

The 1st link from MSI UK Support shall solve the problem in most cases.
Click Here (to read the pdf file)

Click Here(to download the actual firmware file)

for additional reference you may check the following link too (use it only if the firmware in the above link doesn't solve your problem).
Click here

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