Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kindle Fire!

Coming from a long sojourn off the blog, I would like to share a whole lot of things I have been busy with. Many things got me busy for past few months preventing me from blogging regularly. I shall try my best to be as regular as possible from now on.

As you may have already guessed, this post is about Kindle Fire. If you don't know what a Kindle Fire is, here is a short description to help you get acquainted with the term. Kindle Fire or more specifically, Amazon's Kindle Fire is a tablet computer introduced by online retail giant Amazon. Kindle Fire looks exactly as you can see in the picture above and is very similar to Apple's iPad but comes with some limitations (but with a much lesser price tag of $199).

The best thing about this tablet is that is offers great hardware for a very minimal price. It is more of a multimedia tool to be used for using Amazon's products (ebooks, games, videos, songs etc sold by Amazon). It is not a full fledged tablet computer like the iPad but for a price as low as $199, what more can you expect! This 7" tablet runs on Android operating system and does all your average computing needs such as listening to songs, playing videos, games and surfing on the internet using wifi. I got one as a new year gift from my uncle. For more details on the product check out Amazon's page for Kindle Fire here.

I shall, in the days to come, post 'how to' things on Android and Kindle Fire, the ones that I have been learning and using while customizing my Kindle Fire. I shall also post a short review on the Kindle Fire soon. I shall see you guys tomorrow.

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