Monday, November 19, 2012

Free BIGFlix ONE Month Membership

BigFlix is offering free one month membership for their Indian customers, as they put it. Though, in reality, they are offering it for Re. 1 which they charge your credit card during their verification process. BigFlix is trying to promote their services in India which is relatively new and it makes more sense as the Indian populace is slowly but steadily moving more towards increased internet usage for their daily requirements.
To avail the service, all you need to do is go to and click on the image as shown herein. It will take you to their facebook page where you need to like their page (it can be safely assumed that most of you will be having your fb account) and share it to your wall.

Click on the link as shown above to start your free trial. You will need to register an account with them (you can login with your facebook account alternatively) and then fill in your credit card details.
You can pay Re. 1 through credit card or even your debit card. I registered using my SBI Visa debit card.
Complete the process and you are done.

To get the free membership:
1. Go to, click on their 'Free 1 Month Membership' advertisement and follow through the on screen instructions or click here
2. Pay Re. 1 for the verification process using your credit/debit card and activate your 1 month membership.

1. You get access to unlimited online streaming of movies on BigFlix for 1 month.
2. There are movies from various Indian languages as well as some international ones.

1. You cannot scroll through the movie smoothly as you could in Youtube or other streaming sites.
2. The collection of movies is rather poor in quality as well as quantity.

One can expect BigFlix to improve their movie library but I do not think you would see it anytime soon.

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