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How to Get Gmail Alerts via SMS on Mobile Phone for Free

Ever wondered how to get Gmail mail alerts on your mobile phone through sms for free? I too was looking for such a free service, also called as sms alerts, but I could not find a proper solution to do so. There are a few of them online but they usually are in a very disorganized manner.

Here am putting up one of the simplest ways to get all your Gmail mails on your sms alerts on your mobile phone through sms for free!

Please note that this technique mentioned below caters only to the following group of people.
  • One should have an account at Way2Sms. (You can always get one if you do not have)
  • One should be an Indian resident as making an account on Way2Sms requires an Indian mobile phone number.
 Continue reading through the step by step tutorial on how to get Gmail alerts via sms on your mobile phone. You can click on the images to see them at their original size.

Step 1: Login at Way2Sms

Step 2: Click on the Gmail icon on the left side bar as shown in the image.

Step 3: Then click on the Mail Alerts option on top as shown below.

Step 4: Activate your email alert as shown. Complete the activation process by selecting the day and time you would like to receive these alerts.

Step 5: After the activation, now link your Gmail account with Way2Sms by clicking on the link as shown.

Step 6: Follow the on-screen instructions as in the first image below or follow the marked steps as shown in the subsequent images. Note down your way2sms mail id from the first image as marked.

Step 7: Now add the way2sms mail id in the dialogue box that opens up as shown. You can get the way2sms mail id as shown in the first image of Step 6. Add and confirm.

Step 8: You will get a confirmation code on the mobile number that you have used to register your account at way2sms. Enter that code into the appropriate place as shown below. Or you may also get the code as shown in the area marked in the first image in Step 6.

Step 9: Follow the steps as shown below and save the settings.

Your account is now setup and you will get the emails from your Gmail account delivered in your mobile inbox through way2sms.

Positive features:
  • You get alerts to the mails you receive in your email account.
  • You can add Yahoo email account too in a similar way to get the alerts.
  • You can set filter for email ids for which you would not like to receive alerts.
  • You can set a particular day and time too for receiving these alerts.
  • Best of all, its free!
Negative features:
  • The service is activated for a period of 14 days after which you have to come back to this site to re-activate it again. There's no permanent activation solution to this.
  • You do not get the entire mail in your sms alert. The text date your receive in your alert is limited to 160 characters only. But most of the time it is enough to let you know who the sender is and the subject of the mail id. Once you know about it, you can go online and check it in details. After all, its only a sms alert feature and it is doing its job well!
  • The website is loaded with advertisements and can be irritating and/or confusing for new users to navigate through the site.
  • In case of mobile network congestion, your alerts may get delayed.
Overall, its a worthy feature and thanks to way2sms we are able to use it for free. has a similar feature which has turned into a paid service now. You can try their 7 days trial plan.

I have been using way2sms for getting Gmail alerts on my mobile phone through sms for quite sometime and am satisfied with the service. There are minor problems here and there but one cannot really complain for something that is being provided for free!

Try this out and feel free to ask questions if in any doubt.


Anonymous said...

Try to understand...

Manoj said...

Good Job

Anonymous said...

its works fine.

Apurva said...

Hi...nice post...was really helpful..
I was looking for something like this but could not find a solution anywhere else... thanks a lot
And keeping posting such useful articles

Kumar said...

The best way to get email alerts on mobile phone via sms is to use 3rd party service. allows you to receive email notifications on mobile through SMS. I tried it and it works perfect for me.

Jeff said...

Here is a site which offers service called gmail notification on mobile through SMS. It sends sms alerts on mobile phone via sms for every new email in your inbox. Its Try it.

Anonymous said...

way2sms does not work these days. Check this way2sms alternative.

Anonymous said...

May be the forwarding service of way2sms has been called off as it does not have this option now.

Hitendra Solanki said...

Thanks for sharing as it is an excellent post would love to read your future post
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