Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Facebook Mafia Wars hack

Facebook has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years and that is mostly due to its famous apps and games that keep users glued to this site. One of the most famous games on Facebook currently is Mafia Wars made by Zynga Inc. This game is a browser based multiplayer game that has won many awards since its inception. There are many people who want to keep up with the leveling stuff and all but can't be sitting in front of their computer the whole day, or maybe someone has just got bored enough to keep playing that game monotonously. As you know, most games have cheats that help people to bypass difficult portions of the game with ease. But unfortunately, this game doesn't have any cheat codes to apply. Instead there are some hacks for this game that can make your gameplay in Mafia Wars a breeze.

There is a hack for playing Mafia Wars called as the Mafia Wars Autoplayer. It has settings that will allow the game to progress even when you are not playing it manually. Just load it onto the browser and keep it minimised or do your work. The game shall proceed without your intervention. It is basically a JavaScript code that gives you this added functionality. Check the screenshot below

To use this you need to have Firefox installed with Greasemonkey addon on it and then installing the script. If you do not have Firefox then you can use it on Chrome too. There are more than half a million users using this script.
How to use this (Firefox):
 Google Chrome support!
 New features:
  • Introducing job bursts, help drain your energy faster!
  • Introducing stamina bursts, help drain your stamina faster!
  • Bangkok support for choosing sides (General Tab)
  • Bangkok jobs added
  • Bangkok support for auto-banking / selling business output
  • Added publishing of Iced opponent bonus, Level up bonus
  • Automatically use mini Pack every 8 hours (+25% max energy)
  • Auto-publish secret stash found while fighting (mafia tab option)
  • Ice Check
  • Random stamina usage (Stamina Tab --> Spend Stamina Randomly)
  • Add/remove friend to and from war list (from friend's profile)
 This script is being hosted by www.userscripts.org and is a safe site for downloading and using scripts for Greasemonkey. These scripts can add functionalities to websites that otherwise is not possible for us to get. Check out the variety of scripts available on their website. You will also find scripts for other Facebook games on that site.
Check userscript page for Mafia Wars Autoplayer

Note: installing JavaScript codes can be a potential security risk when installed from unreliable sources. Userscript is endorsed by many websites and has a large pool of scripts for everyday work. Still, use your discretion if you find anything wrong.

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