Monday, March 8, 2010

How to enable the secret Windows 7 GodMode

Since the past few months of Windows 7's release, there has been a sudden interest in something that people are calling the Windows 7 GodMode. Don't know how it got the name GodMode; probably the kind of GodMode cheats that allow gamers to play the game without any vulnerability. But there is no such thing here. All Windows 7 GodMode does is, give you a folder where users can access all of the operating system's control panels from within a single folder. All kinds of modifications you may ever need to do, you will find their links here. It is a 2 step process needed to create such a GodMode folder in Windows 7 and it works on both 32 and 64 bit versions.
Here is what you need to do
  • Create a folder on the desktop (or anywhere appropriate for you).
  • Right click and rename the folder to
Remember that you can change the name to anything else if you don't want it as GodMode. Just replace the word "GodMode" with your text, leaving everything else as it is.

The folder icon will now change. Just double click it to open the folder. It is not something very special, just that all the important task links have been put up together for easy access.

Note: This GodMode feature is not exclusive to Windows 7. So if you are a Windows Vista user then you too can try this same thing on your system. Yes, it's nothing new with Windows 7, just that most people came to know about this recently. But ,do note that it had been reported to crash the system in case of using GodMode in Windows Vista 64 bit version. Works fine on 32 bit version.

You may also check out the YouTube links for videos showing how to enable the secret Windows 7 GodMode.

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