Thursday, March 18, 2010

New password stealing virus targets Facebook

(Reuters) - Hackers have flooded the Internet with virus-tainted spam that targets Facebook's estimated 400 million users in an effort to steal banking passwords and gather other sensitive information.

 Hackers are sending emails on behalf of Facebook stating that their passwords have been reset due to some security measure and that they need to click on the attachment to get their new login credentials. But as soon as the user downloads the attachment, the malicious contents automatically download and get installed and they are known to cause a number of problems including stealing of passwords from the infected computer.

Facebook has become a frequent target these days owing to its large no of users and ever increasing popularity. This spam attach was launched a few days back and many millions are reported to have received this spam mail.

Incase one receives one such mail, do not open it. Remember that NO company will send you your account details through mail attachments. Just be careful and report to email provider, tech forums or to your anti virus product's company if you find anything fishy.

Source: Reuters

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