Saturday, January 30, 2010

Remove Antivirus 2009

NO! This is not any new antivirus product in the market, in fact it's a problem caused by one 'supposed to be antivirus' of the same name. A lot of people, mostly novice users, are facing this problem of Antivirus2008, Antivirus 2009, Antivirus 2009 PRO or even Antivirus 2010. They are all from similar family and just have different names. What happens, is that all of a sudden the user sees a pop up saying that the computer contains a number of viruses and they are risking their computers. When they try to click on the Clean button, it tells the user to buy the software and clean their system.
See some examples below.


Now let me tell you that this is a scam and is called as 'rogueware' in technical terms. What it does is that it tries to forcefully get the user to buy their software. DO NOT click on their link and try to buy. If you do so you will end up with a lighter wallet as well as end up compromising your credit card details.

There's no need to worry as luckily this irritating ware is only too easy to remove. Seems like the software developers of this rogueware haven't done their homework well.
Anyways, we will see how to remove them easily. I have given YouTube links(they belong to their respective authors, I just found them good and am sharing them) which will demonstrate how to remove it easily. For people who are having problems watching the videos(due to slow connection?) I have put up few steps in writing too, you can follow that. Though I would suggest watching the videos as it is be much easier if you see the demo.

The video below shows you HOW Antivirus 2009 and its similar family members 'infect' your computer. This is not necessary but will help prevent future problems. No need to follow the link they have put in the end as the next 2 videos I have put are demonstrating the procedure for removal.

This video below is the simplest one and involves installing a small software(MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware) to do the work. Will help remove other small infections too. It has got subtitles to it.

This video below is a voice over one, where the author is explaining how to remove it with CCleaner. This software is beautiful and I too use it for everyday purpose. The main thing starts after 2 mins though.

For those though have difficulty watching the videos or do not prefer them, here is what you can do.

METHOD 1 (the best way )

  • Download MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware from here
  • Install this software and update it (just for more security) from Update tab.
  • Once it is updated, run a scan.
  • It will detect the Antivirus as a rogueware.
  • Click on remove selected and you are done. Restart your computer and scan once more just to be sure
Note: Many other anti spyware/malware softwares are capable of doing this but we chose this because its a light software, comes free and does the job we want to do. Other notable similar softwares include Spybot Search and Destroy, Spyware terminator, Spyware Doctor(paid) amongst many more.

METHOD 2 (alternate method)

  • Download CCleaner from here
  • Click Options on the side tab. Now Click on Include.
  • Click Add Folder and browse to the Antivirus 2009 folder. My Computer--C Drive--Program Files--Antivirus 2009. Click Ok
  • Click on Cleaner (top most option) on the side tab and click Run Cleaner to start cleaning.
  • It's now removed.
Note: CCleaner is light, free and popular cleaner softwares available on the internet. Other option could be Advanced System Care which is also good.

These methods will work on any of these roguewares which tell you that there are many viruses on your computer and that you need to buy the software to remove them. Do not fall into their trap and don't even think of going to the Geek Squad or the likes. They will skin you out of your wallet for this small thing.
Leave a comment if you need more help.

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