Thursday, January 21, 2010

Changing MAC address of a computer

As the title says, we will see how change the MAC address or id of the computer. But before we do that lets have a overview of what MAC is basically and what it's used for.

MAC or Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a unique idenifier assigned to most network adaptors or network interface cards (NICs...more specially what's known as LAN card or ethernet card) by the manufacturer for identification purposes. Now the question is why do we need to change it ?

These days many ISPs(internet service providers) lock their internet connection to a particular MAC of their subscriber. It is perfectly fine for most people but for people (am one of them) who have more than one computer/laptop and want to use internet on all of them as and when required, it can be quite a hectic job calling the call centre and setting the MAC for the pc they want to use it on every time you want to access internet from a different computer. The ISPs may lock MAC with their connection to safeguard their connection against malpractices or even for push sales for selling wireless solutions to be used on multiple pcs sharing a same connection.

I have a pc and a laptop. I use the net mostly on pc but need it on my laptop for updating it too. Calling the call centre every time is not an impressive solution as some times their service can be down too. Instead a found a very easy to use and simple solution for overcoming this problem.

AnalogX solutions have deveoped a software called anonymac which can solve the above problem by changing the MAC id of the computer.
Consider my situation, where the MAC lock is done with the MAC id of my pc and I want to use internet on my laptop. Thus I need to change the MAC id of my laptop and make it similar to my pc's.
To do this, I first need to check the MAC of my pc. So i need to run this software on my pc first. On the opening window click on local network and then you can see the info out on the software window. Under MAC address section the one on the active is the current MAC id of the pc.

Another way to check the MAC id is to go to start>click on run>type cmd>and then type ipconfig /all

once you do this, you will get a lot of info on the command prompt.Out of that check the physical address under Ethernet Adaptor local area connection. That is the MAC id.

Now once we have got our target MAC id,

open the software in the other computer, Click on local network on the upper most window.
Go to Modify MAC address section and type out the MAC address we got before and click on Apply new MAC. Refresh the network adaptor by disabling and enabling again or simply restart your computer. Now you are done. Both the computers have the same MAC and the internet connection can be used freely on any of them as needed.

There are many such software out in the internet but Anonymac is one of the smallest (only 523kb ) and best one available. For more information on this software check their site by clicking on the banner below.
You can download Anonymac from the link below:
Developers Site

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