Saturday, January 23, 2010

Corsair® Dominator™ GT DDR3 Memory Hits 2533MHz, Sets World Record for DDR3 Memory Frequency

Corsair's new ram named as Dominator GTX 2333MHz has been certified as the world's fastest XMP RAM by the Intel. Corsair beat its own previous record of scoring 2000MHz with its Dominator GT series of rams.

These rams are XMP certified by Intel meaning that they are overclocked enhancement of the standard DDR3 type of memory that are specifically beneficial of gaming rigs running on Intel technology.

According to Corsair, "the Corsair Dominator GTX1 modules are individually screened and tested on multiple high-performance Intel P55 chipset platforms to ensure that they operate at the incredible frequency of 2400MHz at timings of 9-11-9-27 at 1.65V," thus targeting it clearly towards overclockers and extreme gamers. But these rams won't be cheap either. They will cost around 200$for each 2gb kit you buy but they surely are the best offering in terms of memory kits.

These kits can be only only from official Corsair online shop. You can check them out here.
Corsair Online Store

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