Friday, January 22, 2010

Free personal diary software for windows

People use books to maintain their thoughts which they call as their personal diaries. While many others resort to blogging which has become a fad in this digital age. But they do possess some limitations and disadvantages too.
How good would it be if one could write anything they wanted yet keep them secret from others without the fear for getting them leaked. Well, we have this software called Personal Diary which is essentially a password protected personal diary which can save different entries with different passwords.
This software costs 19.99 $ but the company is giving away free serial keys as a part of promotional offer. so grab it soon!!
Click here for the promotional offer
Download Personal Diary
Publisher’s description :
In times when many people like to publish their thoughts and ideas in so-called web blogs that can be read by everyone, no-one seems to care about the normal meaning of diaries and the words and stories that are written in it. The general sense of diaries is to keep all these things private. Maybe the author wants to make it available to an external reader from time to time, but most of the time the content is not meant to be seen by anyone. Personal Diary was designed especially for this need! This fast and easy-to-use product allows you to write down your thoughts every day to a password-secured file that is saved with a special encryption engine so that definitely no-one but you can open and change it without the knowledge of your password and without your permission.
Besides many useful functions like a very easy navigation, export functions for a single day or the whole diary, date and day of the week auto detection or the absolutely unique encryption engine it is a very nice feature that this program can be installed on USB sticks, floppy disks and nearly all other re-writable media too. This function allows you to edit and add new entries to your personal diary on every computer in the world – even without the program installed on it.
Write down what happens on a journey, write down how your business is developing each day or write down all your private thoughts and feelings about your family, your friends, your love or your life! Personal Diary brings the real idea of a diary how it was meant for centuries and millenniums back to the IT age.
For Windows® XP/Vista, Download size: 573 KB
Download Personal Diary

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