Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Free Windows driver download

Do you want to download drivers for your computer but don't know how to ? Or may be you are just unable to find them ! Today we will see how to download driver free of cost for your windows running computer without any hassles.

Many of us use Windows as their default operating system and for Windows XP and earlier versions, it is necessary to install the drivers of the hardwares being used, for them to work. Unless we do it, we will see these yellow question marks in device manager (Right click on My Computer>Click on Manage> Click on Device Manager on the left hand side menu. Alternatively, press Win key and R to get Run command.Type devmgmt.msc ) which means that the device drivers are missing.

Drivers, for each of these hardwares, are missing and they need to be installed for them to function properly.Also outdated or wrong versions of drivers can cause problem in the operation of the computer. (Note: In Windows Vista and presently Windows 7, the drivers are automatically loaded so there's no need to install them separately for most  hardwares).
Now we have got 3 main options with us.
  1. Install drivers from the motherboard and/or CD that we got with the respective hardware, or
  2. Incase the motherboard/hardware driver CD is not available, then go to the manufacturer's site (if the hardware manufacturer is known to us ), or
  3. Use the method I am going to show below.
If we do not have the first two options with us then we have to go for the third i.e. updating device drivers through special softwares. Many of the cases I have seen about missing drivers, the user doesn't usually have the driver cd with them (mostly in case of laptop owners who didn't get a separate cd from the manufacturer) or they have lost them. So ultimately they are left with no other option but to download them from the internet. People who are adept at using the internet find it easily locating the particular driver with the correct version but people who aren't so sure end up messing up their computers.

One of the simplest and least time consuming ways is to use the wonderful freeware Device Doctor.
Device Doctor is basically a freeware windows driver updater that is extremely easy to use and very efficient. According to the site "Device Doctor is a freeware Windows application that scans your computer hardware and checks to see if there are new driver updates available for your devices. It also locates drivers for "unidentified devices" in the Windows Device Manager."
It is very simple to use too.The basic interface looks like this -
Click on 'Begin Scan' and the software starts scanning your devices. Once that is done, it will start searching for updates for the devices from their online servers.

Once scanning for updates is over, it will display the drivers available for download as shown below

Now you will see all the downloads available listed as shown. You can click on Download Update and get the drivers updated one by one. Finish up with a restart and your computer is now updated with the latest device drivers.

Note that the most important aspect of this software is its huge and regularly updated library of drivers and its ease of use. Even a newbie can sit and update his pc using this software. Its a recommended software for all pc users to have.

This software is free and comes in two types, the normal installable version (4.6 mb) and the other portable version (5.1 mb) for use in multiple computers using a usb drive.

You can download them from the original site
Free Driver Update Software

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