Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple iPad launched !

The wait is over! Apple's new tablet pc which has been speculated over and over for past few weeks or even months, has finally been launched by Apple's iGod himself. Terming it as "a truly magical and revolutionary product" Steve Jobs showed the gadget to an enthralled audience, what he called the iPad. This iPad is unarguably an ultraportable device that does the work of a netbook but giving the user a "revolutionary" experience. According to Steve, iPad is the company’s “most advanced technology in a magical & revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.”
Here you can see what he said at the launch.

As you can see the device is extremely thin as looks like a wonder. According to Steve, this will change the way people surf the internet!

Steve believes iPad will enthrall users with its "large, high-resolution LED-backlit, IPS display. An incredibly responsive Multi-Touch screen. And an amazingly powerful, Apple-designed chip. All in a design that’s thin and light enough to take anywhere. iPad isn’t just the best device of its kind. It’s a whole new kind of device."

Lets have a brief look at its features:
It unarguably has got killer looks with a sharp, high resolution IPS display with 9.7 inches (measured diagonally) long screen sporting a resolution of 1024x768 at 132 pixels per inch, which is something geeks will drool over. The orientation of the iPad can be both portrait and landscape. This is done automatically by inbuilt accelerometers that gauge the movements and adjust the screen automatically. It also has inbuilt light ambient sensors. Thus it will be a real visual treat whether one is surfing the internet, watching movies, playing games or simply reading ebooks.
Check out the pictures below (click on the images to see them in their original sizes)
The Menu looks similar to the iPhone

Enjoy crisp, full-screen image

 The new multi-touch environment must be a breeze

Experience gaming like never before with this
great screen, powerful processor and
the accelerometer making it more exquisite

Watch high res maps

 Get 10 hours of non-stop enterntainment

For those who complain ebooks don't have
the charm the real ones have

Lets have a look at its performance:
It is powered by Apple's 1Ghz A4 chip about which very little has been leaked and technical information has been carefully safeguarded from getting leaked to the media. It comes in capacity of 16 GB to 64 GB of flash storage space. Included Bluetooth + EDR, WiFi, a 30 pin connector, inbuilt speakers and a microphone. The battery gives 10 hours of continuous playtime with 1 month of standby.

The chip that runs the iPad

The connector and the speakers

Lets look at the software specs too:
The operating system looks like OS 3.2. Rest everything is similar to what you find in an iPhone but overall the features have been given a touch up. Especially the onscreen keypad is generating great curiosity amongst people. Let's see more of it in pictures.
There doesn't seem to be anything new in the looks of the iPad OS

That's the onscreen keyboard everyone's so excited about
Unleash a new emailing experience with new never before features

So lets put up the pros n cons on this new gadget that Apple has given us.
  • A powerful 1Ghz processor
  • New age high res LED screen for crisp images
  • A new web surfing experience claimed by Steve Jobs
  • Smaller and very thin yet does most work a netbook would do. The new form factor that Apple has pursued for making iPad is something that should be commended
  • The Ebook experience will surely kill its competitor, Amazon's Kindle.
  • All iStore Apps shall work on this
  • Great Aesthetics, quality and of course, brand Apple
  • iPad doesn't support multi-tasking. Surprised? Well, everyone is. Without the multi tasking support, the iPad loses out to the netbooks with which it is essentially fighting a war with. It has got such a powerful processor but very little work to do. Isn't that waste? It's expected that a future update of OS will allow multi tasking but people won't be willing to wait for it that long. The sooner Apple gets it, the better it would be.
  • No Flash support. It's sad that's all I can say. We will miss all the rich features that Flash has to offer.
  • Should have been given a front faced webcam. Without that it loses out to the "revolutionary web experience" that Apple claims. How will people Skype man! No video chats and no video conferencing.
  • The main thing that is of concern is that with its onscreen keypad, how will people type? They are providing with a keyboard dock but then what about when someone's traveling? With the keypad inside the screen and the device being so big how will a person type with both hands? Will he place it on his lap or table and strain his neck or keep it suspended in thin air? That's why a laptop has its screen at an angle to the keyboard and not flat out in the same plane. Don't know what Apple has thought about regarding this. We will certainly have to wait till the device is out in the market to check the customer reviews regarding this.
  • Should have added USB ports for  people to attach pen drives and other devices directly
  • Could have added more space to it. In this digital age even 1 Tb seems small after a relatively small amount of time.
  •  The pricing of  $429-$829 may sound quite high for many
Looks like iPad has more negatives than positives, right? It may be true or may not be. We will have to wait for more reviews and the actual product to come out in the market. What we have today, is from what we saw at launch, few hours ago. The pricing is on a higher side but that won't stop a Apple fanboy from laying hands on one of these.
If we stop comparing iPad to netbooks then we might be able to see the vision Steve Jobs is trying to show us. iPad is essentially about web experience coupled with the features that we enjoy in our iPhones. It's not out to kill the current generation of netbooks(though it may end up doing so, only time will tell) , that was all media generated hype. iPad will take us through a different set of rides and let us enjoy the "revolutionary and magical" web experience that Steve Jobs is claiming, because we all realise that the coming revolution in information technology is all about web.The internet boom hasn't ended, it has in fact just started with this magical tool called iPad .

Feast on these images too

Crystal clear images from this high res screen

A comparison between iPhone, Kindle and iPad

Reading newspapers will be more fun

The keyboard Dock and iPad Case

The price tag. Hefty ?
Will post more updates when available.

For a review of world's fastest RAM chip check out this link on rams made by Corsair

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