Sunday, February 21, 2010

Auto Power On and Shut Down

There can be variety of reasons why we may need to shutdown and start the computer at certain times without the need to do it manually.

Maybe someone just likes to wake up listening to songs in the morning, or maybe someone wants to record some program from the TV during his office hours. From shutting down the computer after a long download to waking up the computer from standby or hibernation and playing Mafia Wars on Facebook, the reasons can be unique and there's no end to them.
Especially in India, more and more people are getting connected to broadband internet. BSNL being one of the largest ISPs in the country. Most people resort to the night time unlimited plans to enjoy free downloads at high speeds but that comes at a cost too. The timings for such a connection starts late at 2:00 AM at night and ends at 8:00 AM in the morning. If the user starts his connection earlier than 2:00 AM or stops it even a few minutes after 8:00 AM, he will get charged for the entire usage throughout the night and many people end up with soaring internet bills at the end of month.

All such problems do have solutions. There are softwares meant to start the computer at a particular time, some others to start downloading and stuff and some more to shut down the computer at required time. My college friends use 3 such different softwares to do all that. That is, one to start the computer, one to start the applications for downloading and some to shut down the computer at the required time. But what if we get a software that can do all of these work single-handedly?

Yes, there is a beautiful software doing all of these required work. I use it for night time downloading and it works flawlessly for me. Just an initial setting and then its done. No need to do any changes again after that unless you need to do so.

The software in question is named as Auto PowerOn & ShutDown. The features include

Auto Poweron & Shutdown is able to allow users to do this all of the following:
Control your computer resume from power-off state (hibernation).
Wake up your computer from sleep mode (standby).
Playback a keyboard and mouse macro, a useful feature for such as TV record.
Run programs, close programs, open files and open URL at any specified time.
Play mp3, wma , wav and flash at any specified time.
Logs on system automatically (Win2000/XP/Vista/7).
Shutdown or reboot , log off, lock session, close monitor, make computer enter sleep mode (standby/hibernation) at any time.
Synchronize your PC's time with an atomic clock server.
More Features:
Easy to use, install and configure the software in 2-10 minutes.
Support Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.

Download Auto PowerOn & ShutDown here (1.35MB)
Note:  many people have requested me for the cracked version of this wonderful software. Giving out cracked versions of software is illegal and I can not allow it on this site. However, if one wishes to try out this software one can get the demo version available on their site or else try out the torrents at your own risk.

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Anonymous said...

For those who want to try it from torrent,Download version 2.04.It works perfectly fine.It is there with a serial key and does not update itself or validate the key from the site.Enjoy!

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