Monday, February 15, 2010

Get ready for a Crazy revolution

Revolutions have taken place throughout history. Some were in the field of science, some in the industrial arena, while some were just political in nature. But the result was always the same; a wild turn around of things signaling growth and prosperity for all mankind. But what is all these revolution stuff doing in this tech blog? Incase you have got that question in your mind then let me clear it out. The one am talking about, is not one of those backed by political or financial heavy weights, but one which was brought about by a single man, just like James Watt and Newton did in their respective fields, ages before him. The guy am talking about may or may not become a hero like they did, but has the potential of becoming one of them. Wondering what all this babble is all about? Here's the story.

Kaustubh Katdare, a young electrical engineer working in the IT industry, gets bored with his daily chores at office and wants to do something big. A big fan of Extreme Engineering and Megastructures (shown on Discovery Channel) that he was, he wanted to work on something "mega". But realising that it was easier said that done, he started looking for an online forum where he could at least get in touch with some of those, already working on such mega projects. So began the search, but was soon frustrated when he found none of quality. That gave birth to an idea, to bring all the engineers in the world together, in a common forum, where they could interact and share their ideas.

He was crazy wasn't he? To think he could get all the engineering minds together in one place? Yes, he was crazy. And it was his craziness that gave rise to CrazyEngineers. On 26th November, 2005 the CrazyEngineers forum was formed and subsequently the website too. The forum is the place that he had envisioned. CrazyEngineers or CE as it's fondly called, runs with the tag line, "Uniting engineers across the world" and so far it has managed to rope in around 69,000 like-minded engineers from more than 187 countries around the world and the number is growing by the day. Now, that definitely is a feat to be complimented about! Getting huge no of visitors to the forum shows its ever increasing popularity. And why not? CE hosts a large no of sections catering to all types of engineering palettes.

Some notable points about CE are:
  • Common forum for engineers around the world. Gets you in touch with around 69,000+ engineers and the yet to be, with their 100,000+ posts in various sections of the forum.
  • Forum has many sections catering to all types of needs that a CE member may have.
  • CE Headquarter lists all CE related announcements and information while Start Point is the place for new members to get themselves acquainted with each other.
  • Technical Discussions cover various topics related to respective engineering fields. This section also contains the most sought after Projects section where discussion on various project and seminar topics are shared with. You can find brilliant ideas for seminars and projects from students and engineers that is shared with all members for free. This makes it a very valuable resource and a must have for any engineering or a engineering student.
  • CE Labs is another innovative section where engineers from all over the work come together and collaborate on projects.
  • General Discussions sets you off with Debates, Quizzes, Puzzles and also on topics related to entrepreneurship and other events taking place in the engineering world. Help Center is for Career and Job guidance, while CE Lounge fills in for members wanting to chill out.
Other than these sections CE also gives its members other innovative avenues for technical discussions and knowledge guidance. Some of these include
  • Small Talk is a separate section on CE where many greats come and go entertaining people with their insightful interviews on various marketing and technical topics. Famous personalities such as Seth Godin, Mathew Hill and Achyut Godbole have graced this section.
  • VoiCE acts as the official blog for CE giving updates about various activities and events across CE worth mentioning.
  • Know your CEan allows members to get acquainted to particular members who are highlighted due to their dedicated work on CE.
  • Contests, events and more, keeps happening all throughout the year rewarding the people who have contributed well.
What sounded like 'just any other site/forum' a few lines ago seems to have turned into a 'Wow!' isn't it? It surely does. Where else do you expect to get so many things at one go? The concept of CE appealed to me a lot and made me join it. Before starting this blog, I used to frequent Yahoo Answers and forums of other tech biggies and tried to solve people's queries in the simplest way possible. Sometimes it just gets over my patience but I still manage clearing everyone's problem. I do that for self satisfaction that I get from helping others and this blog was meant for those people to get everything in one place. But if I am to suggest a better place than this, then it would be and their forum. You will find many other friendly people willing to help you all the time and of course you will find me there too ;)

CE made Kaustubh leave his job and dedicate his time fully to this novel idea called CrazyEngineers. Even if you are not a person from engineering field, this website is for you if you have the love for tech stuff. Bill Gates, Jobs, Wozzy, Dell etc made it big because they saw a dream and pursued it till they were satisfied. I see such a person in Kaustubh who seems determined to take CE to new heights. CrazyEngineers has been growing at a fast pace and has been providing a good ground to share resources and also interact with engineers and students from around the world. CE has been covered extensively by the media over the years. You can find them in magazine articles, YouTube videos and the like. Additionally, you can read about Kaustubh's interviews here and here.

Some words from Kaustubh Katdare, creator of CrazyEngineers
The God, they say, is the greatest engineer.
God created Earth to accommodate life. Then he created us, the engineers, to make Earth a better place to live. We, the engineers, are responsible for the world that we live in today. We have turned dreams into reality. No doubt, we will continue to do so for the infinite time ahead.
CrazyEngineers (CE) provides a common platform to engineers around the world. Through CE’s online forums they can exchange ideas, views, share knowledge, innovate and help each other. Feel free to take a look at the discussions on CrazyEngineers forums. We bet you will enjoy our discussions.

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