Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Install Windows XP

Until I come up with my short guide on making pendrives bootable, here is a quick tip on how to install Windows. Though am using Windows XP as an example, it can be applied to almost any version of Windows from 2000 and later. This guide is basically meant for both new, inexperienced users as well as those who know how to do it.
Ill tell you who needs to follow this post.
  1. Those who do not know or find it difficult to install a clean version of Windows or
  2. Those who wish to train/show others how to install Windows but do not want to actually end up installing again and again (I know there's the virtual way but we will talk about it later)
Am not going to put up something to read here. Instead I will let you try it yourself. Do not worry as its a small simulation software that will just show you how to install Windows XP in a realistic way and not by actually installing it. Its a great tool for the two category of people I have mentioned above.
Download the software HERE (1.23 Mb)

It's a free software and if you like it kindly share it with others too and do visit the official site.
If you want to download free drivers for Windows in easy way then check this post free Windows driver download

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