Thursday, February 11, 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 RC

I do some casual programming in c++ and and I use Visual Studio 2008 for it. Recently I wanted a copy of that software to install it on my home computer and found that the dvd had caught a lot of scratches and it won't install the software completely. I had heard weeks ago, that Microsoft (MS) had launched a new version of their Visual Studio software and that they were giving it out for free at the moment, but didn't pay much attention to it until now.
So just for the sake of information to those who didn't know it, you can now get MS Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition RC for free testing.

RC means release candidate, that is, it's a version that is 'almost' complete but the company is giving it out for free for evaluation purpose to iron out the last possible issues they may have. So for those of who didn't know or did not try out, do get a copy for yourself and try it out. It makes making an application or designing a product very easy as most of the tools are given to you readymade by them. It greatly improves efficiency while working with this software.

These are some of the new things doled out in the new version.
  • New prototyping, modeling, and visual design tools enable you to create innovative applications for Windows and the Web
  • Create a shared vision as a foundation for creativity with SketchFlow ,in Microsoft Expression® Studio , and Team Foundation Server
  • Take advantage of new opportunities & capabilities offered by multi-core programming and cloud development tools
I haven't used it yet. Just downloaded it a while ago. From user reviews that I read, it seems this one's got a lot of new tool to program applications for Windows 7. I will put up a review once I use it enough. Till then feel 'free' to try your hands at it. Those who still program in visual basic can upgrade to visual basic .net. It's more efficient than classic vb.
You can get your copy of Visual Studio 2010 RC here

If you want to use a stable version, then Visual Studio 2008 Express edition is given off as free and is sufficient for most coding work. If you need more power tools then professional edition is the one for you, but it will cost you too.
You can get your copy of Visual Studio 2008 here

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