Friday, February 12, 2010

Making Windows Genuine using registry crack

In most of the client computers I attend to, I have seen that many are still using Windows XP and are either using pirated copies or have been duped by then software vendor by paying for pirated ones. The problem arises when Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage tool (WGA) declares that you are using counterfeit version of Windows and that you need to buy a genuine one. And then on you will be getting that ugly WGA pop up irritating the hell out of you, before blacking out everything for you(as in Windows Vista) and making it unusable.

This predicament is a result of clever Microsoft marketing strategy. Microsoft tells everyone to keep their Windows updated by using Windows Update feature and if you have noticed, WGA tools is one of their first downloads under important security fixes. Microsoft had been dragged to court regarding misleading people but recently they ended up winning the case. Anyways, if you are on Windows XP, and if you aren't on the internet, then you wont face any problem. Incase you do, you will have to face this problem. Such computers won't be able to patch up their Windows copy either directly or from the Microsoft website.

There is a very simple way to overcome this. Remember, this and all other such potential hacking and cracking stuff that you will find on this blog are meant for educational purpose only and not meant for misuse. It's just about educating people about technology and their limitations(or otherwise).

  • To make Windows XP Genuine download this registry file from here
  • Right click on this file and click on Merge (or double click on the file) and click OK.
  • Your Windows is now genuine and you can verify it running the WGA tool. (Sometimes it may show some other status but it will allow you to do your work flawlessly).
  • Now you can safely use Windows Update without any worries.

You can download Windows Genuine Advantage Tool from here

If you use a pirated copy of Windows, kindly consider buying a genuine one as using a pirated copy is illegal. If the price is too high for you, look for discounts on Windows packs at your local supermarkets or check online. Using a genuine copy has its own advantages.

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