Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to block a website

You may want to block a particular website on your computer. May be you do not want your brother or sister to visit a particular site, or you just do not want your room mate to keep orkuting all day and so you want the website blocked. No matter what the reason be, there are many ways to block a website. One can block a website from a browser, a software or within a computer itself.
What we are going to see today is, blocking a website manually from your own computer by making a small modification to a file named host in your windows folder.

To perform this hack, we need to go to
that is go to C drive first, then go to windows folder, then system32 folder then to drivers folder and finally a folder named etc.
Once inside, see for a file named hosts. Right click on that file and select Open or Open With , a small box will be shown, select notepad or wordpad and then click on OK.

Inside, you will find a line such as       localhost
now this IP address, i.e. is called a local host that is it will redirect to your own computer everytime you try to access this IP address.
Try putting this code into you web server and you will see that it could not connect.

So if you want to block, say www.orkut.com, then do as follows       www.orkut.com(hit tab button after typing the local host address and before typing the web address to give it a required web address)
Now what will happen is that everytime you try to access orkut, it will go to (which is your computer's local host address) and thus will not connect to it and instead give an error.
If you want to add multiple websites to this list then follow the same method for all.
eg.          www.orkut.com          www.rediff.com          www.google.com          www.ask.com
and so on

use this trick to fool your unsuspecting friends! Have fun but do not misuse.

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